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Vulnerability Why Do We Need it to Live a Full life?

As a person who continues the journey of life….

Tranquil young woman sitting on the beach

Who is always seeking to get to know myself better….

Who wants to help others along the way….

I ran into this TED talk years ago, but I can tell you the more I watch it the more I learn.  So I invite you to take twenty minutes and watch, I think Brene Brown hits home on life as a person in the world today.  Love this talk, love her view.  Enjoy.


What can Plexus do for you?

Family time

Plexus…so maybe you have heard of it, maybe not.   Quick question, do you workout?  Do you try to eat right for maximum health?  Do you or have you gone down the supplement aisle, possibly read labels, and even tried certain products?


I am a fitness trainer and I sure have done it all.  But what I have realized in the midst of it all is the most important thing I can do is FEEL good, regardless of most other things.  When we feel good, we actually look better, act better and are just much more content.

So now what does that have to do with Plexus?  Well for the past few weeks I caved and started these products which were new to me.  I started with the Tri-Plex and I couldn’t be happier.  It has in it the ProBio5 which is such an amazing probiotic.  It helps our gut out.  If our gut is healthy our brain is healthy in turn we are happier!!  Lots of our natural feel good drug (serotonin) comes from our gut, so of course we need to take care of it.

I invite you today to give it a shot.  Just go to my Plexus site and “shopnow”  you won’t have to sign up.  Just shop RETAIL.  Still great prices and great products.







My Plexus Journey watch it today

Watch out world!  I have found my new love!  Plexus!  Plexus has made these amazing products that I want to share with you.  Not only do I want to share them, but I want to share my journey with you while I take them so you can see just how great they are!  So far my brain has had a boost in happiness and my cravings for my normal sweets and treats, or lets just say snacking in general have ceased.  Going on week 3 soon of Plexus and I will post a new video soon!  If you want to check out the products click on the link below!

Take a look at my Plexus Products Here Click Click Click away to happiness!


Try Yoga For a Change in Weightloss

fitness, sport, people and lifestyle concept - close up of woman making yoga exercises on pier outdoors
fitness, sport, people and lifestyle concept – close up of woman making yoga exercises on pier outdoors

Yoga can be very helpful and a huge change from the way we always think of losing weight.  Tons of hours in the gym sweating, nervous we don’t know if we are doing it correct, or don’t want to even go to the gym.  Maybe you are not interested in pumping iron, or maybe you would just like to try something more peaceful.  If so this could be for you.Click Here! To try it today.


Daily Workout


I live and breath my 15 minute workout.  But here I will give you a 5 minute workout that you can do daily. I would suggest that you do it every other day for the best results.

One Minute of all or 30 seconds of each exercise, twice.IMG_3172

Jumping Jacks

Jump Squats


Plank jacks

Back stroke Crunches


Pokemon Go….can really make you move

So yes this is a fitness blog and website, but in the midst of my training and schooling I begin talking with a girl whom otherwise may not have gotten outside for a walk, let alone a long walk.  So I was listening to what made her keep moving on her walk.  She reply’s this crazy Pokeman Go app.

She says I just kept walking so my egg would hatch.  Now I have never played this game, but I do not live in a cave.  I know this game has gone viral.  So if there is anything good that is coming out of a viral game, this could be it.  It keeps you going and keeps you moving.  So I am not crazy about games or apps but this one may just have brought two things together.  Thanks Pokeman Go!

Saturday Fitness with Kids

It is Saturday and you find yourself with your kids.  During the week it tends to be easier to find time to exercise because your kids have a schedule and you have a schedule.  Then the weekend hits.  Now you find yourself watching Saturday morning television until 11am with your kids.  So let us change it up for you….

Ways to make exercise with your kids doable.

  1. Tell your kids you are going on an adventure outside, make up something you will be searching for.  Bring a snack and water and get all the kids outside walking and “searching” for that thing you may come up with.  For example, “I heard there is a dinosaur vacation house filled with dinosaurs, let’s go find it!”  or switch up dinosaur with princess.  Then pick a house in your neighborhood or a the woods and make a destination spot to get to.

2. Scavanger hunts are wonderful ways to get kids thinking and moving.  Put a prize at the end!

3.  Try Saturday race day.  Get your kids to compete with you in backyard races with prizes and award ceremonies at the end.

If you begin to do this they will catch on and begin to start reminding you of these exercise choices because they are excited to participate!


It has been awhile…..fitness still here?

R2E Fitness has been out of the loop.  But we never stop thinking about how we can better our lives and yours.  We think daily about what life is like for us and you.  How can we make it easier, what if it is not easier?  What if this is it?  How can we stay content.

  1. Keep fitness in your life.  This boosts you serotonin levels and makes you feel better, no matter how down we get if we push ourselves to get outside and start moving it is a sure fire way to feel better.  Remember the more you do it the better it works!

2. Try to take life one day at a time.  Yep just one day at a time.

3. Read something inspirational, something that makes your brain think.

4. Drink tea.

5. Meditate.

Life is going to be messy at times…..and during those times it seems as if there is no light at the end of the tunnel.

But trust us…..keeping fitness in your life will be the best choice you will ever make.

Peace and Love